parenthood with a strong-willed child

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About the Blog

This blog is about my adventures in parenting a little girl who is as unique as her birthday. This little girl has brought so much joy to my life and has also brought plenty of times that almost sent me into a mental breakdown.  This blog shares all of our bumps in the road that we have overcome together. I also include tips on how I handled different situations.

Our Story

Our journey began on February 29th 2016 which is also known as leap day. The day that only comes every four years. Knowing Who Addie is now it doesn’t surprise me one bit that she is a leapling. February 29th was my due date and Brett( Addie’s dad) Was so excited. I on the other hand was definitely not.  Of course despite all of my positive thinking Brett got his way and Adeline May was born mid morning on February 29th.

Addie May has been strong-willed since the day she got home from the hospital. Addie did nothing but eat and scream her first eight months. Between the screaming and all of the unwanted advice from other people  I was losing it. I think the only reason I didn’t completely lose my mind was because of my supportive husband. There was one morning Addie wouldn’t stop crying so I took her upstairs with tears running down my cheeks and handed her off to Brett. Without saying a word he took her and I left. I took the longest shower of my life bawling the whole time. Addie’s tough first year caused me to deal with postpartum depression and anxiety about how I was going to survive parenthood but we are going two years strong.

I am nowhere close to being a perfect parent but I want to put our stories out there in hopes to help a parent who is feeling lost or dealing with something I have been through. I would love to talk to other parents who are experiencing the joys of living with strong-willed children. Send me a funny story that you would like to share and I will post it for everyone to enjoy or learn from. Make sure to sign up on our email list to get the latest updates and posts.